Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Home Remedies For Treating Liver Disease

Liver plays an important role in the digestion of food.It is situated on the left abdomen below the rib
cage .It is responsible for many functions in the body.It produces bile which helps to reduce the fat 
from the body.It plays an important role in the maintaining of sugar levels and also maintain fat 
and iron in the body.It also involves in the production of  proteins to the body.In more rare 
conditions acute liver failure occurs rapidly in 48 hours.A liver diseases is a collection of disorders,
infections and condition that may affects cells and tissues of the liver.It also affects the structure 
of the liver and leads to damage of liver or stop the functioning.

Symptoms of liver diseases:

Dark urine
Yellowing of your skin
Upper right side abdominal tenderness
Dry mouth
weight gain
loss of appetite
Breast development in males
vomiting blood
Weight loss
Enlarged liver
Joint aches
Loss of appetite

Main causes of liver diseases:
Sleeping too late and waking up too late are main cause
High consumption of food at a time
No urination in the morning times
Consuming too much preservatives,artificial sweeteners,food color,etc..
Consuming fried foods when you are tired.It is better to reduce the cooking oil when frying 
leads to liver damage Hepatitis A,B&E and other virus cause acute liver damage.
Liver damage is caused by autoimmune disease which can attacks liver cells and cause 
inflammation and injury.
Alcohol abuse is the most common reason of liver damage.It can directly toxic and cause 
liver inflammation.

Home remedies for treating liver diseases:

Dandelion root tea: This is one of the best remedy to maintain the liver healthy.
Take dandelion leaves to make a cup of tea twice in a day,it will give better result 
and also you can boil some amount of roots of dandelion and boil them in  water and drink.
It is also one of the best method to use dandelion root for liver disorders.

Milk thistle: This remedy is very effective in the treatment of liver disorders.Take 850 ml of 
milk thistle twice a day at mealtime.It will keeps your liver healthy condition and also relief 
from various liver diseases.Researches show that it is very effective remedy in the treatment 
of liver disease such as cirrhosis,hepatitis(viral),toxicity etc....

Indian gooseberry: It is one of the good source of  vitamin C which helps to keep your liver 
health in most favorable conditions.Already know that gooseberry have liver protective properties.
It is suggested eat 5-6 raw gooseberries in day or you can consume it through food or salads etc. 
to keep your liver in a good condition.

Turmeric: Turmeric is well known for its antioxidants and antiseptic properties.It can keeps your 
liver health in good condition.Turmeric can prevents the viruses that cause hepatitis A,B&E.
You can take it in food,milk and also take 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric with 1 teaspoon of honey.

Papaya fruit: Papaya is one of the best remedy to get rid of liver disorders.It gives great relief 
who are suffering with liver cirrhosis.Take teaspoon of lemon juice with 4 teaspoons of papaya 
juice everyday and repeat it for 30 - 45 days to cure the liver disease.

Apple cider vinegar: This remedy helps in flushing out the toxins from the liver.If you take 
this before the meals it helps in maintaining of fat in the body.Add  one tablespoon of apple 
cider vinegar in a glass of water and add one teaspoon of honey to it.Drink this mixture trice 
in a day to cleanse your liver.

Tips to maintain healthy liver:
Drink 2 - 3 cups of green tea every day to protect liver from diseases.It contains catechins 
which supports the liver functions.
Regular physical activity keeps your body fit and remove the toxins through the skin by increasing sweat.
Drink plenty of water it helps to cleanse your system.(Fluoride free water)
Consume apples and leafy vegetables which protects your liver by flushing out the toxins 
from the digestive tract.
Avocados and walnuts also protect the liver from diseases.
Avoid alcohol
Spinach and  carrot juice is very effective remedy for those who are suffering with liver cirrhosis.

Source: Natural health US