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Home Remedies For Obesity 

Obesity may be described as excessive storage of fat in the body.It generally results from excess of food consumption which are rich in saturated fat and unwanted stuff.Obesity is common in western countries due to availability of excess / varieties of unhealthy food.It is a serious health hazard as the extra fat puts a strain on the heart,organs such as(liver,kidneys etc.)It affects the heavy bearing joints like knees,hips,ankles etc..Overweight persons are affected by diabetes,blood pressure,heart diseases,gall bladder,gout knee pains etc.

In these they are two types of obesity one is overweight and other obese.

Overweight:A person can be considered as overweight if the body weight of that person  is more than 10 to 17 percent of the normal body weight.

Obese:A person can be considered as Obese if the body weight  of that person is more than 20 percent of the normal body weight.


  • Over eating
  • having high calorie foods
  • physically inactive
  • family history
  • hormone problems
  • cushing syndrome
  • some medicines(which rate down the burn of calories in your body)
  • smoking(happens in some people)
  • lack of sleep
  • during pregnancy
Complications & Symptoms of Obesity:
  • Breathing disorder
  • certain types of cancer such as prostate,breast cancer etc......)
  • Cardiovascular diseases.( coronary heart diseases etc.)
  • diabetes
  • blood pressure
  • liver diseases
  • joint pains
  • high cholesterol levels

Home remedies for obesity:

 Lemon juice & honey:
                                  lime juice fasting is very beneficial in treatment of obesity.Add one teaspoon of fresh honey in half glass of lime juice(lukewarm water is preferable) and take it in regular intervals.

Jujube (or) Indian plum:
                                   Jujube is another remedy for obesity.Handful of  jujube leaves should be soaked in water overnight and this water should be taken in the morning.preferably empty stomach.This treatment should be continued up to one month- for a noticeable result.

              Cabbage is best remedy for obesity.It contains tartaric acids which helps to stop the conversion of sugar and carbohydrates into fat.Substituting a meal with cabbage salad is the simplest way to stay slim.

            Tomatoes are valuable in obesity treatment.One or two tomatoes should be taken early morning during  breakfast for a couple of months.This is a safe method to reducing weight.They also supply vitamins and minerals to keep your health in good condition.

Hot water:
               Prefer hot water instead of  cold water.Hot water removes all the fat present in the  vessels which tends to help you lose weight.After having your meal keep 30 min gap between meal and water.Don't drink water immediately after your meal. 
Moreover, drink warm water (you can add lemon and honey) first thing in the morning -on empty stomach -wait at least 45 minutes before having your breakfast. 

Natural tips to fight obesity:
  • Green tea to your daily routine
  • Vinegar water to fight obesity
  • Challenge yourself to lose weight
  • Change your eating habits
  • physical activity such as aerobics,exercises,brisk walk etc..(If you got pain in knees when running,jogging consult your physician).
  • Drink more water (bearable hot  or warm water)
  • oats helps to lose weight
  • Avoid sugar(artificial sweetener is suggested)
  • Don't eat outside
  • Sunlight is more important for over obesity.  
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Source: Natural Health