Friday, 28 March 2014



When dealing with an aching head, it's become so easy to pop some pills. 
If you're trying to steer clear of pain relievers, some of the best help can come from the produce aisle.

Potato: After a night out, you may think that a plate of greasy fries is the way to go; forget 
the french fries and go for a baked potato instead. Foods high in potassium have proven to 
help alleviate bad headaches, and a baked potato with its skin offers up to a whopping 600 mg.

Bananas: The dynamic duo of potassium and magnesium come to the rescue in one tasty piece 
of fruit. Magnesium's calming effects are a huge help when trying to alleviate an achy head.

Watermelon: A lot of the time when dealing with a headache, chances are you may be dehydrated. 
A water-rich fruit like watermelon can give you a huge boost and also serves as a solid source 
of potassium and magnesium!

Pineapple: Fresh pineapple can also help soothe your headache woes. The natural enzyme 
bromelain has been linked for centuries as a form of natural pain relief. It also boasts 
anti-inflammatory properties that can help get your head right as well.

Cucumber: In the same vein as watermelon, cucumber can help cut dehydration out of the picture. 
Composed of 95 percent water, the highly hydrating cucumber is a perfect option for 
a fresh, headache-fighting snack.

Source: Natural Health world US