Thursday, 13 February 2014

Is Your Partner Causing Your Sleep Problems?

by A. Grano 
If you’re one of many people who has difficulty sleeping, do you find that you sleep even worse with a partner beside you? From snoring to annoying habits, find out how to work through some of the most common problems that may be interfering with you and restful slumber!
Sleeping with a snoring partner is usually not an issue that can be ignored, and can lead to resentment in a relationship and even health problems if not addressed, making it important that your partner determine the cause of the snoring. Many times, snoring may result from sleep apnea, a breathing obstruction that could be life-threatening. Your partner is likely unaware of this condition, which should be diagnosed and treated by a professional.
Other causes of snoring may include sinus and nasal problems, obesity, alcohol consumption, and even the way a person sleeps (lying flat on the back can cause snoring). Talk with your partner about lifestyle changes that can help address some of these controllable factors.
Tossing, Turning & Restless Limbs
While we all may experience some restless nights now and then, for people suffering from restless leg syndrome, staying still is a constant struggle. Underlying conditions may be to blame for some cases of RLS, such as rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid problems, and even stress. For mild cases of RLS not associated with more serious health concerns, Butcher’s broom can help to improve poor circulation and relieve the pain and discomfort associated with restless leg syndrome.
Other Factors
Sometimes, achieving better sleep with a partner is all about compromise. After working through all the possible health issues that may be disturbing your sleep, discuss the little things that are playing a role as well, including temperature, alarm settings, or having Fido in bed. Be sure to bring these issues up before bedtime to ensure full attention from your partner and allow for some time to resolve the problems together.
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