Friday, 14 February 2014

Doctor Locates the G-Spot

by Native .R 
G-spotThis year, Professor Adam Ostrzenski announced that he had made a new discovery in female anatomy. In a newly published study, the doctor claimed to have located the G-spot, a source of intense sexual pleasure for women.1
German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg first described this erotic spot in 1950.2 Since then, no one has been able to confirm its existence. In May 2012, that changed. That’s when Professor Ostrzenski, a gynecologic surgeon, published his study, G-Spot Anatomy: A New Discovery.
“The G-spot was identified as a sac with walls that grossly resembled the fibroconnective tissues, was easy to observe, and was a well-delineated structure,” Ostrzenski said in the study.3
The Florida doctor pinpointed the location of this erogenous zone. He said it was on the on the superior surface of the dorsal perineal membrane. In women, this membrane is located between the vagina and anus.
Now, thanks to Professor Ostrzenski’s discovery, women may be entering a new era of pleasure. The discovery of the G-spot’s location may also give men a new way to please women.
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