Tuesday, 18 February 2014

How kim kardhasian lost 25 kgs 5 months after Giving birth

 How kim kardashian lost 25 kgs 5 months after Giving birth

Kim Kardashian’s Baby Weight — How She Lost 50 Pounds
In the new Us Weekly issue, Kim looks better than ever in a tiny bikini. “I’ve been doing the Atkins diet, but of course, I have my cheat days,” Kim told Us. The diet is extremely low on carbs and focused on healthy fats and lean proteins.
“She wakes up and does more than 100 squats every single morning,” a source close to Kim says. “Even now, when she can wear the things she did before her pregnancy, she still wants to tone her body.”
Kim’s motivation comes from the body shaming she received while pregnant. “I felt bullied throughout my pregnancy, and that was awful. No woman should have to deal with that,” Kim told Us.

Kim works out every single day with Kanye’s trainer. “She never misses a day. It’s therapeutic,” the source says.

Kim’s Exercise Routine Revealed

People magazine is reporting that thanks to “a trainer on tour with she and Kanye and a chef to keep her meals carb free,” Kim has continued to lose weight since she posted her sexy swimsuit selfie in October.

“With the exception of some cheat days, because she is realistic now, she sticks with it!,” the source spills to People. “Kim is working out almost every day. It’s usually running and weight training. It’s hard, but she sticks with it pretty much all the time. She’s so happy. Life is good.”

Source: Women magazine
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