Thursday, 21 January 2016

ADULT SEX EDUCATION : Complete sex guide

NB: This info seeks to create awareness on how infection is possible so people can take measures or precautions but not to promote or condemn.
This is sexual intercourse involving the use of the penis and the vagina. If the male is infected with any of the Sexually Transmitted Infections then his semen will be contaminated or infectious and can infect the lady if there is no protection. Similarly, the lady's vaginal fluid gets contaminated or infectious and can also infect the man if she has any of the STIs.
This is sexual intercourse involving the penis and the anus during sexual intercourse. When there is no lubricant to prevent friction, the anus poses a high risk of infection if any of the two is infected with an STI. Anal Sex can take place between a man and a man or a man and a woman.
The anus can stretch beyond its limit if the penis is big and without using lubricant. The anal sphincter can have some abrasions or cuts which can facilitate the infection.
Some people start with anal sex and end up having vaginal sex in the process. What is likely to happen in this case is that, the penis can pick germs from the anus and introduce them into the vagina leading to infection.
This is sexual intercourse involving the mouth and the genital being it the penis in the mouth of the lady or the tongue by a man or a woman licking the vulva including the vaginal opening and the clitoris.
If the lady is infected then her vaginal fluid is contaminated so anyone who licks is likely to pick the infection in the mouth.
Some people prefer to lick the anus as well. This can equally lead to infection.
This is usually practiced by some lesbians by rubbing the two vulvas together for pleasure especially with the clitoris.
If any of these girls is infected, the fluid in her vagina will be contaminated and can get the other person infected if there is an exchange of the vaginal fluid.
Same way infection is possible when toys or dildos are exchanged with sexual partners.
Each time you have sex with somebody you do not know the person's status in terms of infection, you risk your life. Some of the STIs are incurable and you will have to treat for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.
Don't play games with your life because You Only Live Once (YOLO)
Go for a check up with your sexual partner and be very sure. Have protected sex or completely ABSTAIN till you are ready for the consequences of sexual intercourse.
Be health smart for your health is your wealth...Share to help educate someone

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