Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Prevention and 4 Simple cure for cracked heels

Cracked heels are formed as a result of lack of foot care. It is caused if the foot is overexposed 
and also if there is lack of moisture on the foot; they start to crack. In medical terms the cracked 
heels are known as heel fissures. These fissures are the regular linear cut wound which affects 
the surface level of the foot which contains the epidermis. In certain cases the wounds would 
get deep into the dermis and they are more painful. Due to the pain there is excessive pressure 
on the pads of the feet and hence they expand to the sideways. The cracked heels also appear 
if there is a deficiency of zinc and omega – 3 fatty acids.


You should have lots of food which is loaded with Vitamin E – have lots of green vegetables, nuts, 
wheat germ and whole grain products. Foods loaded with Calcium, iron, zinc and omega – 3 fatty acids. 
Besides this you should keep your feet clean from any kind of dirt and exercise regularly.

Following are the 4 cures:-

1. You can apply the hydrogenated vegetable oil on the feet. You should wash your feet clean and dry it. 
You should then supply the oil and then leave it to dry for few minutes. It is preferable to wear a pair 
of thick socks in order to prevent the oil leave from the feet. You can apply this medication for 
few days for overnight and be sure you can get the best positive results.

2.  Ripe bananas also are the best healing medicine for cracked heels. Apply the pulp of the ripe
banana on the cracked area of the heel. Once you apply it make sure you leave it for 10 minutes 
and then rinse and clean it. This is a simple remedy and can be used on a daily basis.

3. Avocados and coconuts are very rich in vitamins and hence the best medicine for healing the 
cracked heels. You should blend the avocado and the coconut to form a thick creamy paste. 
This helps the feet to remain moisturized and soft. Your feet shall get the essential vitamins 
and oils which helps in keeping the feet soft.

4.  Lemon juice is another well known remedy for healing the cracked heels. Soak your feet for 
10 minutes in the lemon juice; this therapy has to be done on a weekly basis. It is a mild natural 
acid which helps in removing the dead cells of the skin and heel the cracks in the feet. 

Source: Native health US 

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