Wednesday, 9 April 2014

How to Relieve Constipation Quickly and Naturally

Constipation is the most common gastrointestinal complaints which are found among 
people all across the globe. There are more than two million patients who visit  doctors 
for the treatment of constipation. There are a number of people who do self-medication 
in order to treat the problem of constipation. The constipation could prove to be very 
uncomfortable for the person. The person would suffer from chest pain, pain in the abdomen; 
you may develop stomach cramps and also nausea at times. The constipation is caused when 
the food taken is not digested and it remains in the large intestine leading to building up of 
waste products in the stomach. It can be caused because of poor diet intake, irregular timings 
of the diet, any illness or it could be an allergy of any medication.
The relief for constipation is available in various forms – you can take allopathic medicines 
for relieving from constipation, there are various herbal and natural treatments in order to 
treat constipation. It has been always advised and proved by the experts that natural remedies 
are the best since they do not cause any side effects.

1. Take more of fresh fruits and vegetables – this is the first step towards treating constipation. 
When you take more fresh fruits and vegetables then the fiber intake increases in the body 
thus helping to digest the food easily and helps you pass the stool faster. There are many fruits a
nd nuts which are considered as natural laxatives – they are almonds, dates, figs, papaya, 
flaxseed, grapes, mangoes, avocadoes, chicory, pineapples, prunes, turnips and walnuts.

2. If possible one should take the flaxseed on a regular basis. If possible you should have them along 
with mangoes. The mangoes are a seasonal fruit hence flaxseed should be take on a regular basis. 
One should have a limit for the junk food as this might increase the constipation problem; hence 
having more of green vegetables and fibrous food can help you remove the constipation on a
permanent basis.

3. In case you are suffering from some illness and in order to remove the side effects of the 
medicines it is advisable to take vitamin C tablets which help the person to fight the disease 
better; besides this you also develop a good immunity system.

4. Drinking eight glasses of water in a day. The ideal number is eight; if you are able to take that
much of water then you shall never face constipation problem in your life.

Source: Natural health US