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10 Herbal Remedies For Abdominal Fat

Everyone knows that burning 550 to 650 calories everyday and following proper diet is healthy and helps in reducing belly fat. However, it is difficult to follow up especially in busy schedules. Therefore, so many people are not interested because of their busy lifestyles-for those I suggest a homemade herbal remedies that are very effective to losing abdominal fat.
On the other hand, however, If you are not interested to go to the gym,aerobic centers or yoga classes, you can play badminton, go swimming,cycling, and or walking. Walking will make your body active. Whenever you are free, do some activity just don't keep on sitting for hours.Indulge in something that interests you.

abdominal fat

10 Herbal Remedies For Abdominal Fat:

Lemon Juice: Lemon juice is very helpful to reduce abdominal fat and boost up your metabolism.Take glass of warm water and squeeze in lemon. Drink this every morning and in regular intervals.Nothing will happened if you take this twice in a day.It will helps to burn waist fat and strengthen your liver.

Almonds: Almonds are one of the best food to fight obesity.It helps a lot to burn fat by giving enough good protein and develop lean muscle mass which will helps to burn your fat.Excess of anything is bad, 10-20 almonds in a day is enough.Best way to have the almonds is, put some almonds in a glass of water and have it in the morning after having lemon juice and wait for 30-40 minutes before having soaked almonds.
Moreover, you can add almonds in your breakfast,salads,fruit mix.

Cucumber: Cucumber is a rich source of two minerals:sulphur and silicon.Cucumber is  a great summer food and also works effectively to burn fat.It prevents bloating tummy because of high in water content and act as diuretics.You can have this in many ways like including it in your breakfast,lunch and you can carry cucumber with you when you feel hungry- snack on these cucumbers.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is rich in detoxifying properties.It helps in digestion process and kills the harmful bacteria present in intestine.It can flush out the toxins present in your body and also reduce the water retention.

Beans: Any type of beans is helpful to fight against obesity.Especially Black beans are rich in dietary fiber,which can controls the LDL cholesterol in blood stream and also helps in excreting it from the body to lowering down your cholesterol.Beans is also good for heart diseases and diabetes.So there is no restriction-you can eat any type of beans such as black,red,pink,red kidney beans,lentin,pinto beans,garbanzo beans..

Dandelion: If you are looking to lose water weight in your body dandelion roots will help you,drink dandelion root tea or herbal tea which contain dandelion. It will help your kidneys to flush out excess fluids and sodium.By this you can loose your belly fat very quickly.

Aloevera Juice: Aloevera is an amazing herb with so many health benefits.One of the benefit is that it can reduce belly fat.Drinking aloevera juice daily increase your metabolism and helps you in reducing belly fat.Mixing aloevera with some other herbs such as turmeric,cumin seeds,honey ie take half glass of warm water and add 1 teaspoon of honey,30 grams of aloevera juice,turmeric 3 grams,cumin seeds powder  3 grams. After having this herbal juice do not eat anything for about an hour.

Jujube: The leaves of jujube or indian plum are another valuable remedy for obesity.A handful of leaves should be soaked  overnight in water and this water should be taken in the morning.This treatment should be continued for at least one month to achieve beneficial results.

Artichoke: Artichokes are one of the best remedy to burn fat quickly.Artichokes are rich in fiber and helps to speed up the digestive process and relief from bloating in the abdomen.This is also recommended in the treatment of digestive disorders (Irritable bowel syndrome).

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a great herb that helps to balance the insulin levels and also weight loss.The thermogenic properties present in the cinnamon will increase your metabolism and thus can help you burn fats without excessive exercises.It can also reduce cholesterol and prevent diabetes.You can add cinnamon powder in your breakfast,use cinnamon in curries,salads,tea,coffee or any other drink.

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Source:Web MD.
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