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We grew quite a number of fruit trees back in the days, one of which was a guava tree. On several occasions when we complained of tummy upsets, my dad would advise that we washed some guava leaves and chew on them. Surprisingly, it always worked. A few minutes after swallowing the leaves, the pain stopped and we stopped stooling. I had never done any research on why it worked, but, any time I had a tummy upset, I happily went to the tree and plucked off some leaves to chew.

Guava is full of fiber, folic acid, vitamin A and C, potassium, copper, and manganese. Studies show that, a single guava fruit contains about four times the amount of vitamin C as an orange. Guava leaves are used for traditional medicine in tropical countries. The leaves contain a number of beneficial substances, including antioxidants like vitamin C and flavonoids such as quercetin. Folic acid and antioxidants have both been shown to be beneficial when addressing infertility and other health problems. Research shows that drinking tea made by soaking guava leaves in hot water may be beneficial in treating diarrhoea, lowering cholesterol and preventing diabetes.

Here are few benefits of the guava leaf:

It helps to stop diarrhoea. Research shows that people with diarrhoea who drink guava tea may experience fewer stools, less abdominal pain, less watery stools and a quicker recovery. Like I mentioned earlier, we chewed the leaves and it worked. The leaves are not bitter, but, I would not say it is delicious either.

Drinking guava leaf tea may cause beneficial changes in your cholesterol levels. Reducing high cholesterol.

Research shows that guava leaf tea helps with the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

Research also shows that guava leaves and bark are used traditionally as a disinfectant and antiseptic for dressing wounds and sores.

The Guava fruit is said to help reduce high blood pressure.

Do you have other proven health benefits of guava leaves? Let us know

Source: FabilasFitness

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