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What Cola and other soft drinks Does To Your Body

What Cola and other soft drinks Does To Your Body

Cola is one of the most popular beverages among the world. People consume it because of its sweet 
and addictive nature. But do you know what happens when you take cola and what it does to your body? 
Cola is listed as one of the worst beverages to swallow due to its high sugar content. This further implies 
that it is rich in caffeine content which is not good for your body.

Here is how cola and other soft drinks affects you:

First 10 minutes:
When you first take cola the sugar content is what enters your stream. Not just one teaspoon but 
ten teaspoons! When you take 10 spoons of sugar in reality, you end up puking. But you do not because the phosphoric acid cuts off the flavor thus keeping it down.

After 20 minutes
After 20 minutes, the blood sugar reaches the point at which it causes an insulin burst. When this 
fluid enters the liver, the liver turns it into fat from the sugar that has now entered the system.

After 40 minutes
After 40 minutes, the absorption of caffeine is now completed. Your pupils will dilate as your 
blood sugar rises. This is a response reaction which makes the liver generate and dump more fat 
and sugar into the bloodstream. The adenosine receptors that are present in the brain are also blocked which prevents the effect of drowsiness.

After 45 minutes
Dopamine is the happy hormone that is produces by the brain. When you consume cola, the dopamine 
levels tend to increase. This triggers the area in your brain that is responsible for the sense of pleasure, 
for these centers are activated. The drug heroin also works in a similar way.

After 1 hour
The phosphoric acids present will bind the calcium, magnesium and the zinc in your lower intestine. 
This provides a boost in the metabolism of your body. Not just that, this is also compounded by a 
high dose of sugar. The artificial sweeteners that are present will also cause the urinary system to 
excrete calcium when it must excrete nitrogenous wastes.
The diuretic properties that are present in caffeine are also responsible for making you go to the 
bathroom a lot of times. This will make sure that all the contents and the electrolytes of zinc and 
magnesium are thrown away.
All this is followed by a caffeine crash that takes place in the next few hours. Therefore, it is important 
to take cola in moderate amount to avoid the harsh effects due to excessive sugar, phosphoric acid 
and caffeine.
So we have learnt how cola affects are entire system, not just our body, but also the most vital organ 
the liver and the brain.

Source: ABC Health US

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